England’s Most Popular BeachesSun, surf and velvet sand is what you will find on England’s most popular beaches. Whether you enjoy surfing, swimming or just sunbathing, many of these beaches are big enough for everyone. One of the most prestigious and popular beaches in England is the much loved Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Here, you will find miles of tropical sea sand and everything from ice cream and fish and chips to possibly the scariest rollercoaster in England.

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Blackpool pleasure beach located in Lancashire is most definitely England’s most popular beach to date. This beach attracted a record breaking 5.5 million visitors in the year 2007 and with its many stimulating attractions, it’s not hard to see why. A visit to this beach promises to be filled with fun and adventure. Sandcastle Waterpark has plenty of exciting aquatic thrills for those water loving individuals. If you are in the mood for much dryer fun, then you should check out the Skywalk and 4D cinema at the parks’ Tower Eye. For those who haven’t had a good laugh in a while, check out the Circus at the tower where you will be pleasantly entertained by Mooky the Clown. Those horror loving visitors will find themselves entertained in the Tower Dungeon. So prepare to be regaled with the horrific tales of the darker side of Blackpool’s history.

Take It Easy on Blackpools’ Golden Sands

Even though there are a limitless amount of modern and man-made attractions to draw one away from the natural beauty of this amazing destination, there are many nature loving visitors who prefer the more natural side of things. Many love struck couples find it romantic to take long walks on the golden sands of the beach. Others prefer to play a few athletic games, while most people enjoy a good swim in these blue waters. If you love wildlife, there is no shortage of that here. You will find seagulls walking side by side with residents and a multitude of wildlife thriving in these lively waters. If you desire a vacation like no other that is filled with all kinds of memorable activities, then don’t miss out on Blackpool pleasure beach.

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