Exploring the Japanese countrysideIf you are looking for a relaxing vacation to rejuvenate and discover new cultures, consider the Japanese countryside. Japan is a marvellous place to visit and you are sure to have a good time exploring many of the mountainous areas in remote regions. Hida is a mountainous area located in the central region of Honshu Island. The best time to visit this region is in the spring or summer after heavy winter snows have finished for the season. Getting to the Hida region is an interesting drive through winding mountain roads overlooking steep gorges. Discover intriguing facts about two villages in the Hida countryside to enjoy summer holidays.


Taking a holiday in Shirakawa-Go is like taking a trip back through time. The small farming village sits in the Shogawa river valley within the Hida region. You may find a couple of modern buildings, but many structures are as old as a hundred or two hundred years old. These homes and buildings may seem old, but they are well cared for and still used today. Thatched roof homes are meticulously maintained and may be home to extended family members. The countryside in this area includes a local shrine, the Shogawa River, green forests and lush, green fields. Overall, it is a quiet, peaceful community worth the time to visit and enjoy the traditions.


Kamikochi is a popular area in the Alps of Nagano in Northern Japan. It is most frequently visited for its beautiful mountain scenery from late April to mid-November. The village of Kamikochi is located in a plateau within the Azusa River Valley and is surrounded by majestic mountains. Kamikochi is an undeveloped area near the Taisho Pond surrounded by huge numbers of flowering fruit trees, maples, ash and birch. Many of the visitors to this region come to test their skills and climb high mountain peaks. Tourists may find assorted prices on rustic lodges and benefit from the climbing centre, cafe and store. Visitors who stay into the autumn are treated to splendid fall colour.

Picture: brett kropp – Fotolia