Holiday DestinationsIf 2014 was the year of the “stay-cation”, 2015 is the year to try something new. With hundreds of breathtaking holiday destinations around the world, an endeavor to try something new could entail an exotic island escape or a tour of Europe’s most trendy cities. “Different” is 2014’s “cheap”.

Exotic Escapes

With the expansion of tourism to more remote and exotic locations, places like the ‘James Bond Island’ in the Andaman Sea in Thailand and Kruger National Park in South Africa have become more accessible than ever. A holiday in Thailand is much more than partying in Bangkok. Island sailing, nature reserves, colonial towns, beach villages and local temples can all be found in Phuket, the Phi Phi islands and the numerous other beaches along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Holiday destinations in Southern Africa offer a different type of exoticism, but a new and fresh holiday none-the-less. From jungle game reserves in the Eastern Cape, to Masai Mara desert Safari in Kenya, to Mount Kilimanjaro, and the streets of Johannesburg and Cape Town, this region offers an eclectic mix of opportunities.

Trendy Travels

For a holiday destination that a little closer, the cities of northern Europe offer historic charm as well as a fresh modern style. The fact that Estonia and Finland are home to the past two World Design Capitals speaks volumes about their current culture. With a plethora of museums and cultural institutions intermingled on cobbled streets with medieval buildings and the most modern architectural design concepts, Stockholm combines its modern and historic in a way that has made this dichotomy trendy for every other city. Surrounded by water, Helsinki’s Design District is not the only thing breathing fresh air into this city. Helsinki also combines a much broader array of architectural styles using neo-classical, art nouveau, eastern orthodox, neo-renaissance, and ultra-modern all within the city bounds. Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Tallinn have helped the Scandinavia region quickly overtake Italy as the place to go for innovative design, unique architecture, and the fashion trends of the moment.
2013 is the time to explore the bounds of creativity, see the most exotic species, and live the island lifestyle with a new and different adventure.

Picture: Eray – Fotolia