Holidays in Central AmericaCentral America has recently made strides in tourism with some reports indicating that the region will have close to 14 million visitors by 2020. Reports by authorities from the National Tourism Congress of Costa Rica and other prominent studies coming from the Internet, point to the region getting a hold of 3.6 percent of the tourism earnings generated by the Americas.

Costa Rica – Splendid destination for Vacationers

This will be exemplified by Costa Rica which makes a splendid destination with and an attractive coastline, volcanoes and dense, unspoiled rainforests to explore. Authorities there are dedicated to conserving the more than 40 national parks found in the country. These parks comprise forests and coastal habitats of varied captivating flora and fauna. A vacationer can begin by visiting the Arenal Volcano National Park, home to a very active volcano indeed. You would also find a lake and swift flowing rivers where kayaking, white-water rafting and cascade climbing can be carried out.

Central America – Key component of the Mesoamerica Hotspot

Central America is a key component of the Mesoamerica Hotspot, which includes all subtropical and tropical ecosystems beginning with central Mexico going all the way up to the Panama Canal. States like Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama offer well-liked ecotourism stops, where besides being able to take pleasure in adventure opportunities, the visitor can gain cultural experiences, enjoy environment-friendly accommodations and community based tours. Those interested in golf will be glad to know that Panama and Costa Rica in particular offer excellent golf holidays boasting some of the world’s finest golf courses.
The great accomplishment of tourism in Central America is attributable to its beautiful landscapes, unique cultural and religious traditions, and a natural, exotic wildlife; factors that would interest visitors from all over the world. Visitors who find it irresistible to ramble through the wilderness, observe exotic wildlife up close and marvel from sceneries featuring pristine beaches and tropical rain forest would be delighted to make this region their next holiday destination.

Picture: Sirena Designs – Fotolia