The Indian CultureTalking about Indian culture is talking about many different cultures at the same time. India is a country in which many cultures are combined. From different religions to different types of food and traditional celebrations, India is definitely a place in which you can find a lot of different cultural practices.


India’s culture is largely determined by religion. There are four main religions that were born in India: Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism, but in the country you can also find a lot of people that practice Christianity or are Muslim. Each of the above have different cultural practices associated, which go from celebrations and festival to a type of architecture and an associated cuisine. Religion is one of the most important cultural issues in India, and a lot of what happens in the cultural scenario of the country is defined by a religious belief.


Indian culture can also be seen in its cuisine. According to the region, you may find a wide variety of dishes that may also be associated with a religious event. Some of these dishes, such as curry, are known worldwide, while others remain unknown for foreigners. Local cuisine is determined by weather and soil factors, and weather is also an important issue when it comes to cultural activity: seasonal festivities have different types of food attached, and some dishes may only be enjoyed during one of these celebrations.

A Blend of Past and Present

If you look for some information about India, you will find out it is one of the largest, most populated countries in the world. While it is still considered a third-world country, there is a sector of Indian society that has changed and adopted a lot of western ideals and practices. Major Indian cities are lively and modern metropolis in which you can find a mix of traditional Indian culture with modern, western lifestyle.

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