How the Internet Has Made Travelling More SocialIn the past, travellers would rely solely on guidebooks to find out where to stay and what sights to see. When travelling alone, you’d have to rely entirely on chance in order to meet new people, particularly in countries where your language wasn’t spoken. Yet nowadays travellers have it easy with the array of social networking opportunities and travel tools online. You can connect with like-minded solo travellers, book private accommodation, and benefit from having a personal host. The Internet has helped make travelling an increasingly social endeavour for all ages.

The Use of Social Media

Chances are good that one of the first things you do when you book a holiday is to announce it to your friends on Facebook and other social media websites. They may be able to give you travel tips, suggestions, or even social connections with their own friends in other cities. Social media has opened up the doors of travelling to give everyone their own worldwide network to connect with. There are even social media networks exclusively dedicated to travelling, such as Gogobot and Tripping. These are designed to help travellers make friends on the road and benefit from a vast network of travel advice.

Wider Range of Accommodation Options

In the past, solo travellers would generally stay in hotels alone or maybe go to a hostel to meet people. Yet there are now numerous websites that allow travellers to find bargain accommodation in private homes and apartments. These give you the comforts of home with the opportunity to meet new people and live like a local. Some popular websites include AirBnB and When you choose to rent from a website like, you benefit from having a host who can give you real life travel tips straight from a local’s point of view. You may even luck out and end up with a host who will show you around personally. These new types of websites not only give travellers great bargains on accommodations, but they also make travel more social.

Picture: Victoria – Fotolia