Natural spotting in New HampshireNew Hampshire is one of the loveliest of states of America and a great place to visit. For lovers of nature and wildlife it makes an ideal, year round destination.

Little and Large

Hundreds of species live happily in New Hampshire and it’s a great thrill to be able to see some of them. From the very smallest, such as bats or birds, to some of the bigger mammals, like bear and moose, you can never tell what you’ll see next. From the Androscoggin River to the national parks, the diversity of wildlife you can spot is amazing. Osprey and other birds of prey such as merlins and kites can be spotted on the Androscoggin in midsummer, while June is a good time to see bear on Cannon Mountain. Bobcats, fox, eastern coyote and deer are all resident in New Hampshire and if you’re lucky you could see them all. It’s knowing when and where to look that really counts, early summer for bear, spring for frogs and peeper and late summer for birds like osprey on the Androscoggin.

The Fantastic and Varied Wildlife of New Hampshire

Bird watching is great in New Hampshire. Apart from the osprey, there are hawks, bald eagles, bittern and kite to be seen on their migratory routes at various times. Pawtuckaway State Park is a good location for bird watching and you can see hundreds of different species as they migrate. The North Woods is stunning in Autumn, the state is a ‘must see’ destination for those who love to see the foliage change colour dramatically. Moose, deer, snowshoe hare and fisher all live here. Lake Umbagog is a good place to spot the bald eagle, as well as red tailed hawk, moose and deer. With any type of wildlife spotting vacation, there are steps you can take to make the whole experience better. Take the right equipment. Binoculars are a must since it’s not always possible to get too close to animals and birds. Good hiking or walking boots which are waterproof, and a map. And, if possible have some idea of the best times of year to spot the animals you’d like to see. This is particularly important for bird watchers, different birds migrate during different months.

Whether it’s birds or bears that particularly interest you, there’s a chance that you can see them during the year in this beautiful forest covered state with it’s glorious mountains and crystal clear lakes.

IMG: hassan bensliman – Fotolia