Nature Spotting in South AfricaA holiday in South Africa is a nature lovers dream. With everything from the Big 5 (lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo), to abundant bird and marine life, as well as the flowers of Namaqualand and the unique eco system of the Garden Route, it’s choosing a destination that’s the difficult part.

Safari Country

One of the best nature spotting holidays in South Africa just has to be the safari. There are many to choose from and they can be tailored to suit you. Safaris in Kruger National Park, the country’s most important wildlife reserve, are some of the very best in the world for spotting the Big 5, lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo. Choose from lodge accommodation or go for traditional tented camps, the choice is yours. From luxury to budget, there’s a safari option to suit you. The gorgeous scenery and abundance of animal and bird life, as well as indigenous plants and amazing sunsets, all add up to a magical vacation. There’s nothing quite like being close to a pride of lions as they laze in the sunshine, or being near to a group of elephant drinking from a water hole. Leopards are one of the most beautiful and elusive of the big cats, but Kruger is one place in the world where you might just see some.

Other Great Nature Spotting Holidays

It’s not only safaris that South Africa is famed for. Grotto Beach near Hermanus on the Cape Peninsula is the place to go for whale watching. During summer, Walker’s Bay is a haven for Southern Right whales who come to play, mate and give birth. It’s famous for being the best place to whale watch from the land in the world, and May to November is the best period to visit. South Africa has over 850 different species of bird, so bird watching holidays are also incredibly popular. On the east coast, Elephant Park is home to, no not elephants, over 340 different types of bird. You can even sometimes see rare birds here such as Rudd’s Apalis or the Natal Nightjar.

From lion spotting in the bush, to whale watching on the coast, South Africa has it all. See penguins and seals on the Cape or search for the endangered Blue Crane or the equally rare Black Oystercatcher in the grasslands. For great nature spotting, this is a country with something for everyone.

Picture by Pascal P├ęchard – Fotolia