The World's Greatest Theme ParksWhether you are seeking magic, adventure, or something in between, you can rest assured that your wildest dreams will be met when you visit one of the world’s greatest theme parks. From the USA, to Japan, the world is filled with theme parks that can provide endless forms of entertainment.

Cedar Point in Ohio

After being consistently voted as the best theme park in the world several years running, Cedar Point in Ohio has become popular with families from every continent. The roller coasters at Cedar Point have been dubbed as some of the world’s most thrilling, with many reaching stupendous heights and taking daring twists. As an inclusive park, Cedar Point also has rides and areas that cater specifically to children; these include bumper boats, racing tracks, and a snoopy themed bouncer.

Alton Towers, United Kingdom

While Alton Towers can only open its main theme park doors between March and November, the rides and attractions available make it one of the world’s most well-loved theme parks. Unlike many other theme parks, Alton Towers places special emphasis on including laughter inducing rides alongside thrill themed ones. Anybody who heads for the Cedar River Rapids will not be able to avoid getting soaked, and a journey through Hex–its legendary ghost train–is sure to cause laughter and fright at the same time. Several hotels and a water park are also on site, making it convenient for those who visit there.

Fuji Q Highland, Japan

Situated in Fujiyoshida, Fuji Q Highland is well known for its exceedingly terrifying haunted house, and quirky take on classic theme park rides. Despite its reputation for thrills and chills, Fuji Q Highland is also particularly well-suited to younger members of the family. It features Thomas Land, which allows children and adults alike to explore a world of wonder based on a childhood classic. Hide and Seek in the Forest is also available, and will provide hours of fun for children with a mischievous sense of adventure.
In addition to the above theme parks, many countries across the world offer their own exciting versions. Whether you are on the Southern Coast of France, or staying at home in Britain, you will be sure to find one that can keep you entertained.

IMG from: Claudia Paulussen – Fotolia